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Designed for Boys & Girls Club professionals and the youth you serve. Whether it’s a program you know and love, like Triple Play, or something brand-new, like the latest SMART Moves module, Club Programs is your go-to resource!
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New to Club Programs?
Join Rebecca Brown, Sr. Director of Digital Product Management, in a pre-recorded webinar to learn about Club Programs, the one-stop shop for Club Staff to find programmatic content created and curated by BGCA to plan and implement a high-quality Club Day.
Check Out The New Esports Playbook!
Learn how to design engaging gaming experiences to help youth develop skills in teamwork, perseverance, college and career readiness, and more.
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Youth of the Year is now on Club Programs! With targeted program and activity guides showcasing the full suite of YOY programs, Club staff can engage youth in meaningful exercises to strengthen their social-emotional skills, leadership skills with others, and self-leadership.
Power Hour
Power Hour High-Yield Activities K-2
Youth participate in playful learning that reinforces core Math and Reading skills in this new collection of Power Hour High-Yield Learning activities specifically designed for youth ages 6-9 at the Club.
Torch Club
Torch Club National Project Guide
Torch Club empowers 10-13-year-olds to positively impact communities. This guide raises mental health awareness and provides a framework for Torch Club Projects.
Resource Catalog

The Youth Development Resource Catalog is designed to help Clubs plan for programming. This guide outlines all program resources, organized by program area, and provides information about its resource type, delivery methods, and recommended audiences. Partner programs that have not been developed by BGCA are also included. 

Program Catalog