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Designed for Boys & Girls Club professionals and the youth you serve. Whether it’s a program you know and love, like Triple Play, or something brand-new, like the latest SMART Moves module, Club Programs is your go-to resource!
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New to Club Programs?
Join Rebecca Brown, Sr. Director of Digital Product Management, in a pre-recorded webinar to learn about Club Programs, the one-stop shop for Club Staff to find programmatic content created and curated by BGCA to plan and implement a high-quality Club Day.
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NEW! MyFuture Toolkit
Are you planning programming for your members using MyFuture? Check out this new downloadable MyFuture Activities Calendar!
SMART Moves Contest!
Complete activities from SMART Moves on Club Programs and submit a review including photos and/or videos. Participating Clubs will be entered into a raffle for the chance to win $500! The contest runs from March 8, 2023 – April 9, 2023. Reviews and photo/video must be submitted to the Club Programs ...
Check Out The Programs Catalog

The Youth Development Resource Catalog is designed to help Clubs plan for programming. This guide outlines all program resources, organized by program area, and provides information about its resource type, delivery methods, and recommended audiences.

Program Catalog