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Club Programs

MyFuture Toolkit

MyFuture is BGCA’s innovative web platform that includes hundreds of activities for your youth, tweens and teens. 


Members can:

•Participate in 500+ skill-building activities

•Collect points and badges

•Attend virtual events and connect with friends

•Earn certifications that can help with future job placements

•Enter contests and win great prizes for themselves and your Club

Feel confident knowing MyFuture is a resource for you! 

With the Staff Dashboard (, you can follow all of your members’ activities, even if they log in and select projects on their own. Built-in data and reporting capabilities provide insight into member engagement on the site. You can track youth activities from start to completion. This data will not only help you understand your kids’ needs and interests, but it can help make the case for partner renewals and funding for your technology needs.