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Up Next

Up Next is BGCA's comprehensive in-Club work-based learning program. It replaces the national program historically known as Junior Staff. Chosen by Club teens, the new name reflects an unprecedented commitment to safety and emphasizes the life-changing benefits of work-based learning. Up Next provides teens with work experience right in the Club, where they can learn and practice key employability skills. Participation puts teens at the front of the line – or “Up Next” – for desirable placements in the workforce. 

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Up Next Program Planning Guide Icon

Up Next: In-Club Work-Based Learning Program Planning Guide

This planning guide is designed to help program coordinators and teen-serving staff plan the essential components of an impactful, high-quality work-based learning experience in the Club. 

  • Planning guide
    Planning guide
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Up Next Out-of-Club WBL Program Planning Guide icon

Up Next: Out-of-Club Work-Based Learning Program Planning Guide

This guide provides guidance, policy recommendations, and templates to support an unparalleled commitment to youth safety and high-quality Out-of-Club Work-Based Learning experiences.

  • Planning guide
    Planning guide
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